Children stack blocks to create towers, imaginary structures, and spaces to navigate. In Continuum the artists transform the gallery into a space of imaginative visual play. The site-specific installation created for the Christel DeHaan Gallery at the University of Indianapolis is comprised of 15 36" wood cubes stacked and grouped in the gallery. Each cube is wrapped in black roofing paper, rich in color and texture. The cubes contain bands of stitch-like tick marks, some painted and some cut sharply into the paper. The piece features chromatic grays and blacks with moments of more vibrant color. 

In Continuum the artists draw on their knowledge of color, light, and surface from their backgrounds as painters to construct an immersive environment out of commonplace materials. The accumulation of hand painted tick marks and cuts are a record of time and labor - essential elements of the creative process. The interaction between these elements creates a sense of play and visual mystery, inviting the viewer to move through the space and experience it in a fresh way. 
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