Memories are fundamentally dynamic processes...they are not snapshots of events that are passively read out, but, rather, are constructive in nature and always changing.*

In my work, I explore the relationship between the physical world and its parallel in memory, thought, and emotion. For me, the function of art is to act as a bridge between these external and internal worlds.

I am interested in the process of memory formation, recall, and reconsolidation, and specifically in how the contours of memories change when revisited, altered by the present and by the very act of remembering. Using paint, cut paper, and the drawn or etched mark, I explore this idea through my process and interaction with my materials, working both additively and reductively to create images that possess the fluid and labile quality of memory. The accumulation of layers and marks crystallize to create a bridge between my initial inspiration and the physical reality of the piece.

* Karim Nader, “Memory Traces Unbound,” Trends in Neurosciences 26:2 (2003):65.